WikiMuslim Definitions

WikiMuslim Definitions

WikiMuslim Definitions is a dictionary of commonly used Islamic terms and phrases.


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  • Taqwa

    Taqwa means being concious of Allah, being aware of Him, leaving sins due to His fear and turning towards obedience to Him due to hope from Him. Abu Huraira R.A. explained God-fearing mindfulness to man as being similar to the mindfulness of the one who walks on a thorny path, …Read More »
  • Hajj

    Hajj is the annual pilgrimage undertaken by Muslims. It is one of the pillars of the Islamic faith.Read More »
  • Saum

    Saum means ‘fasting’. Saum is one of the five pillars of Islam and obligatory for Muslims in the month of Ramadan. Outside of Ramadan, voluntary or nawafil fasts can be observed on any day of the year except for some prohibited days. Saum starts at the time of dawn, after …Read More »