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WikiMuslim Definitions

WikiMuslim Definitions is a dictionary of commonly used Islamic terms and phrases.


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  • ‘Alim

    An ‘alim (عالم) is a knowledgeable person or a scholar. It means someone who has ‘ilm (علم) or knowledge. Usually the term ‘alim refers to a scholar in Islamic sciences. But the term can be used for anyone who is knowledgeable in a particular subject. References The Noble Qur’an, Muhammad …Read More »
  • ‘Ajwah

    ‘Ajwah (العجوة) is type of dates which grows mainly in the region of al-Madinah. It has a special place in Islamic tradition, as it is from al-Jannah (Paradise). It has been narrated by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to consume these dates as they improve the health. Consuming seven ‘ajwah dates …Read More »
  • Al-Ahzab

    Al-Ahzab means the confederates. They were the polytheists and Jews of Madinah who partnered with the Quraish tribe to attack the Muslims of Madinah. They were great in number and had surrounded the Muslims of the city which led to the battle of Al-Khandaq, or the battle of the trench. …Read More »
  • Ahkam

    Ahkam means legal status. Ahkam is the plural of the word Hukm, meaning judgement. There are five levels of ahkam in Islam – Wajib (الواجب) – obligatory, Makrooh (المكروه) – disliked but not forbidden, Mustahab (المستحب) – liked but not obligatory, Muharram (المحرم) – disallowed, and Halal (الحلال) – allowed. …Read More »
  • Adhan

    Adhan is the call to prayer, made loudly to announce the time of prayer. The first adhan was made by Bilal RA, one of the closest companions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The adhan includes, in order, praises to Allah, the declaration of faith, calling people towards …Read More »